Junior Spirit Squad
The 2013-14 Jr. Spirit Squad capped another wonderful season filled with performances and community outreach! With more than 150 squad members, the third season of this program continues to exceed expectations. Stay tuned for details on becoming a part of the 2014-15 Squad!

A Thousand for Thousand Scholarship Drive
James Washington asks for your support in bringing together a thousand people for a thousand dollars each to reach our goal of a million dollars for scholarships. The money raised benefits the Spirit Squad and rewards our best and brightest students for their hard work, and helps UCLA recruit the best scholars in the world.

Community Outreach
The Spirit Squad is well known for their presence at UCLA football and basketball games, but one of the students’ favorite opportunities is their involvement at our community outreach engagements. In September, the full team volunteered at the LA Food Bank and most recently created and delivered valentines for veterans at the VA Hospital. We are proud that they are making an impact on the Los Angeles community and beyond!