Audition Application

Apply for audition online. You may audition for more than one team. Final placement will be determined by the advisor. You will receive a confirmation email within a couple of days of your submission. If you do not receive it, email Mollie about your application.

Applications are due by April 30, 2015.

Please submit the form below and pay for the application here.

Please print and bring a signed copy of this release form with you.

About You

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A Few Questions

1. Would you be willing to modify your appearance throughout the year based on recommendations made by the team (hair style/color, make-up, weight, etc)?

If no, please explain:

2. Do you have conflicts with the time commitment and expectations during the spring quarter, summer 2014, upcoming 2014-15 season (family weddings, travel abroad, work commitments)?

If yes, please explain:

3. Do you have any health problems or limitations?

If yes, please explain:

4. Have you been under the care of a physician within the past year?

If yes, please explain:

5. Briefly explain why you would like to be selected for the 2014-15 UCLA Spirit Squad.