Troy Aikman Wants YOU for “A Thousand for 1,000” Scholarship Drive

Dear UCLA Spirit Squad Supporter,

When I recently received a call from my former UCLA and Dallas Cowboys teammate and friend James Washington about the opportunity to join him in raising awareness and support for UCLA Scholarships, I was excited to once again be a part of a winning team. We are asking a thousand people for a thousand dollars each to reach our goal of a million dollars for scholarships.

I’m proud of my time at UCLA. I was fortunate to be able to pursue my football dreams while earning a world renowned education due to my athletic scholarship. However, due to today’s economic climate, many of UCLA’s best and brightest students don’t have the access or the equity to achieve their academic dreams.

Just five years ago, the cost for a California resident to attend UCLA was $18,540 per year. Today it’s $31,908 - a 72% increase.

With this dramatic increase added to the other financial burdens facing Bruin students and parents, UCLA needs the support of people like you committed to academic excellence and innovation now more than ever.

I am proud of James for returning to our alma mater to raise money to enable all of our extraordinary UCLA students to continue to pursue a better future.

James asked me to be part of UCLA’s “A Thousand for a 1,000 Scholarship Drive” aimed at raising funds for scholarships to provide our promising young minds the financial help needed to level the playing field and assist them in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

I strongly encourage you to join me today as a member of this winning team.


Troy Aikman

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